KIP came to be out of a desire to recreate my favorite childhood pajamas and to share that comfort, quality and aesthetic with other women who also work hard and deserve to treat their sleep.

Growing up in England, I would often receive sleepwear as a gift from family members. I always looked forward to unwrapping a box containing a new set, which I treasured for years thereafter—it’s remarkable how much better you sleep in the perfect pair of pajamas. Upon moving to North America, when I experience difficulty finding anything comparable here, I treasured those sets even more.

Working in the corporate sphere, I both witnessed and experienced the pressure on women to be Jills-of-all-trades—perfect at work, at home and in life. Amid this culture, I was reminded of the importance of restoration, of sleep specifically, and of taking care of one’s self. In this spirit, I took the opportunity to re-create my perfect pair of pajamas and, in turn, a brand that stands for lying down: KIP encourages women to invest in a night’s rest and, in turn, invest in themselves.

Every piece from KIP has been thoughtfully considered—from the material used (Soft! Breathable! Not see-through!) to the pocket placement, from the customized monogram to the silhouettes that evoke men’s tailoring, while flattering a woman’s body. Treat yourself. Treat your sleep.